Here are some testimonials from real students who improved their MCAT scores with my assistance. All these students are now attending their choice of medical schools!


“Not only was he methodical about course preparation, diligent during class, task leader, but he’s also fun. Most importantly, he walks you through this timeline, where he lays out what you need to do months ahead, weeks ahead, days ahead of the test. I followed his timeline to a T. I was remembering JK’s words the night before the test, as to how to get mentally prepared for the test as well as emotionally prepared for the test. I highly encourage you to seek JK out for help on your own MCAT prep and I wish you the best of luck.”

-Matthew, Class of 2021

“I met JK in January of 2016. He was leading the CARS portion of a semester-long MCAT prep course I was involved with at the University of Colorado Medical School. He was the best teacher we had all semester, in my opinion.

He was great. He was thorough, he was very organized. Case in point: I myself was an English teacher at the college level for 7 years, so I thought I would kill CARS. And I was scoring in the low-high 70 percentile, but I was still kind of frustrated with my score. JK brought me up to the 94th percentile on the day of the exam!”

-William, Class of 2021

“When I took the MCAT for the first, time, I didn’t do so well in the verbal reasoning or CARS section– that was my lowest-scoring section of all of them. I knew that that’s the one I needed to improve on the most. I was fortunate enough to find JK and he was instrumental in helping me improve that score. So we started off with alot of big-picture ideas like how to get the thesis of the article. And once I was comfortable enough doing that, we moved on to little finer details like how to use word connotations to help determine the word or tone that the article was written in. And then we moved into even finer details like how to use the source that the article was coming from to help answer the questions that follow. And so, it’s the little tiny things that you would never think to use that JK’s really good at emphasizing and teaching you how to take advantage of those to the fullest extent so that you’re using all the resources you actually have in the MCAT itself.

The style JK uses is also a style that myself and alot of other people learn the best from. That style is very interactive. So what we’ll do is go through the passage and go through the questions together. And if I get any questions wrong, we’ll discuss how I can learn from why I got that question wrong and apply that to future passages. And I think over time, you see the results, and they add up alot. By the time I was finishing up my lessons with JK, I barely missed any questions. When I first started studying for the MCAT, I would regularly miss half to more than half the questions.

I have other people I know who have a ton of improvement, and that’s credited to JK and his solid teaching and what he can provide. I think he’s a pretty unique resource that not many people out there can teach the way he does as effectively as he does.”

-Sarthak, Class of 2020

“I’ve always had pretty strong reading comprehension skills, so to be honest I wasn’t all that concerned about the CARS section before I started studying for the MCAT. But once I started taking the practice exams, I noticed that my scores were pretty inconsistent. Fortunately, once I was working with JK he was able to help me standardize my strategy that I used when I approached these passages, such that even the topics that I was not so familiar with I was comfortable reading the passage and pulling out the necessary components like the theme of it, looking at the word choices that the author used to reflect their bias, and even getting to the point where I could begin to anticipate the questions that might be asked at the end. During each session, he worked with me examining my questions following the passages, looking at the ones that I kept getting right and the ones I kept getting wrong and finding the underlying issue to improve my score in the long term and it really did help. So when I did finally sit for the MCAT exam, I ended up scoring a 99th percentile on the CARS and a 97th percentile on the MCAT overall. The cycle is just finishing up, and I have some really great options in front of me for MD programs. It’s looking as if I’m going to attend one of my top choices in New York City next fall. I attribute alot of the success I’ve had this cycle to my MCAT score and I attribute the success that I had on my MCAT score in large part to working with JK.”

-Phillip, Class of 2021

“Thanks for all your help. I really benefited from your coaching.”

-Elsa, Class of 2021

MCAT Tutoring can help improve your score and give you a choice in medical school admissions.
Benjamins and mortarboards!

“8 above my first test. I am overall ok with 8 point increase from April!”

-Amanda, Current Applicant

“I really appreciate all of your help. I made sure to use your advice and tips for exam day and the practice materials were very useful, so I definitely felt more relaxed and prepared when I took the exam this round.”

-Tiffany, 8 point improvement

“Thank you so much for all your help, JK!! I think I speak for everyone in the MCAT Study Academy when I say you really made a HUGE difference! I truly appreciate all the time and effort you invested in our group!”

-Kumar, 516

“Much better this time around! Thank you, Jk! Really happy with that. Thanks again for your guidance through that test. I expect the test strategies will continue to pay off in the future.”

-Brendan, 29 to 517

“I am pretty satisfied with my score. 🙂 Couldn’t have done it without your help!”

-Sanjana, 513

“Thanks for all of your help this summer, I really couldn’t have done it without you. I am pretty happy with this score and I do not believe I will be taking it again! “

-Amanda, 509

“I didn’t think I could take the new MCAT with any experience in psych/sociology especially in time for the current app cycle. I met with JK and he simply said I had no other choice and pushed me to change my study technique completely to studying the new test, much less on content. I ended up with a 511 (85th percentile, ~32 on old test scale). I’m currently applying to MD schools and waiting to hear back on interview invites. 

JK knows the MCAT as a test. I have seen so many friends fail at this test because they are heavily content-focused. JK will be able to help with some science content but he’ll be the first to admit his skill set is much more on verbal and the actual test-taking. That’s what you want or at least what I wanted.”

-Brett, 29 to 511

“JK was a great tutor! He took the time to help my strategize for the CARS section of the new MCAT, and prepare psychologically for the test. He was easily accessible via Skype and email. A few weeks before the test, I began to struggle psychologically with the test, over thinking the questions and not being confident in my answers. JK scheduled an emergency session the following day after receiving my email, and helped me gain confidence in my abilities and score well on the MCAT. I went from a 5 on the old verbal reasoning section to scoring in the 85-100% percentile on the new CARS section. He was great!”

-Samantha, 513

“Update on my score. Nearly didn’t believe it… 518–97th percentile. Thanks again for being a great tutor. Definitely wouldn’t have done that well without your insight.”

-Daniel, Class of 2019

“This puts me in the 90th percentile overall!  Thank you so much for all of your help!”

-Kara, 29 to 513

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