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Verbal skills are unique among MCAT subjects. While there is strategy on all sections– meaning that you won’t get every question correct by simply studying content– the CARS section is the most dependent on strategy. There is NO content knowledge beyond word definitions that will help you on the CARS section.

CARS requires you to move beyond surface-level analysis of the text to connotations, tone, and implicit relationships. It is highly complex; there is no other standardized test with such a difficult verbal section.

Meanwhile, verbal and reasoning skills are increasingly prized by medical school. While verbal was the forgotten section for many years, many schools want admitted students to score 127 or greater on CARS. The physician of the future will be an excellent scientist as well as an excellent data interpreter and communicator. Applicants cannot ignore CARS. But there is an opportunity to turn this section from a weakness into a strength.

There are many excellent MCAT teachers out there. They know biochemistry like the back of their hand. They have every psych/soc theorem cleverly explained. They may even understand CARS passages and do well on the section.

But that same teacher struggles to explain the complexity of CARS.

During my ten years of teaching experience, including classroom-based and one-on-one teaching for two of the major national test prep companies, I have found that I have a particular talent for explaining the CARS section. Students work with me and not only score higher on the CARS section but also the MCAT as a whole. Furthermore, they gain confidence because they understand the MCAT. They feel like they have the secret to the CARS section and beyond.

My teaching style is geared toward improving your score on the MCAT CARS section. That sounds obvious. What else would we discuss?

However, many other teachers focus on the concepts, the reading skills, and the passage types. We’ll discuss those things briefly, as they’re important.

But the points are in the questions and the answers. We’ll discuss passages only in conjunction with their questions. We’ll work on timing so that you can get this section– with its increasingly lengthy passages– done with a couple minutes to spare. Finally, we’ll move from a defensive strategy on CARS– process of elimination– to a responsive, aggressive strategy, hunting down correct answers.

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