Session Logistics

Each 90-minute tutoring session is focused on building a specific skill on the MCAT CARS section. I’ll have an agenda ready before the session starts and you can edit that agenda per your needs.

The first meeting, we’ll revisit some of the details of your MCAT studying so far so that I understand what you have already done, preventing us from redundant efforts. We’ll make a schedule that takes you to test week. Finally, we’ll talk briefly about how to succeed on standardized tests.

After the first meeting, we will focus almost completely on working actual passages. Each meeting will have a brief discussion of the logistics of your test.  How is studying going? Are you adhering to the schedule we have set? Sleeping enough? Working out? These are all important parts of your study routine, and we will spend the first 5-10 minutes of the session discussing this.

The next 75 minutes consist solely of MCAT CARS preparation. We will work passages in three different ways:

  1. Going over 2-3 homework CARS passages that you have completed since our last meeting.
  2. Studying passages together in-depth.
  3. Completing passages on your own under time pressure.

There is some variety in our sessions, and often we will find together that students prefer one of these types of learning about CARS.

Improve your MCAT CARS score with one-on-one instruction.
Even if you have never cracked a book before, you can improve your MCAT CARS score!

While we go over passages, we talk about three discrete skills: reading the passage, understanding the questions, and solving the answer choices. Most people think of CARS as a single skill, but knowing how to separate these three parts of CARS is important and will help you understand your unique skills and opportunities on the exam.

Finally, we spend the last three minutes wrapping up the session. We schedule our next session and assign homework. I will conclude with some commendations for what you’re doing well and give you recommendations for improvement.


Useful Resources

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