Med School Essay

How do you summarize your entire life in a 5300 character essay med school essay? Can you narrow your extracurricular activities to exactly 15 items?

The AMCAS personal statement and activities section constitutes a huge delay for some med school applicants, but you cannot let your essays get in the way of submitting your application on time! 

Optimize your essay by starting early, developing a theme, and using personal anecdotes.
Your personal statement can unlock the gates to an interview.

Here are some keys to this part of the application that can help you complete your impressive med school essay and activities. Email me at for more details on essay preparation and editing. I can help at any step in the process, whether you’re nearly finished or still developing topics.

Start Early

If you know that you’re applying in this cycle, start your essays as soon as your MCAT is finished and you have nailed down your recommendations. That does not mean the rec letters need to be in! Just be sure that your recommenders are committed and have a timeline.

Some students start on their personal statements as early as April, but starting in May still gives you plenty of time to submit your application early.

Develop a Theme

You have the best idea of what you do well. Put this quality forward in your medical school application through your personal statements and your activities! Here is a post that I wrote about theme development in your personal statement; much of it is relevant to your activities as well!


It’s true that your measureables like MCAT score and GPA play a role in your application; however, this method can make very disparate candidates look similar on paper. Use your personal statement and activities to jump off the paper.

Did you travel abroad during undergraduate? So did many other people. Where did you go? How was it different? Most importantly, how did you feel and grow as a person as a result of this trip?

In conclusion, your personal statement and activities are very important parts of the application! If someone is reading this part of the application, it means you’re a candidate for interview. So make the most of your med school essay and activities to impress the admissions committee!

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