Many prospective medical students have not experienced a formal interview. ¬†You’re personable and knowledgeable, but the structure of a med school interview strikes you as stilted and difficult. Perhaps you tend to freeze up,¬†having difficult answering impromptu questions.

Medical school interview preparation can help you improve your chance of admission.
Listening during an interview is just as important as speaking.

I have interviewed over 100 students for admissions to a highly selective Ivy League college. I served as the local president of the interview committee for our club. Email me for more details on interview preparation!

Interview services:


-Preview of the initial call

-Personalized interview

-A written report of your application similar to what an admissions committee might use

-Individualized recommendations for skill improvement

-Both personal interview and Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) formats

-Follow-up interviews to assess skill development

-Email me for more details on interview preparation!

Useful Resources

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