Future medical school students


Hello future medical school students! At this point, you have done well in your college courses. You have excellent extracurriculars and radical  recommendations. You’re planning your move to a two-bedroom apartment near campus with another med student who shares your interests, of course.

But there’s the MCAT. It threatens to detail your plans. It threatens to damn you to an eternal cycle of applications and wait lists and MCAT re-takes and… it’s all because of that CARS score.

I’ve been teaching the MCAT for 7 years now and I have seen plenty of students struggle to prepare for the MCAT, finally succeed, then go on to become excellent doctors. Many of them were excellent at science; the physics, biochem, psych, and organic chem came pretty easily.

That CARS, though. For most of your life, you have read things to do well on science tests; it’s reading for a purpose. When you memorize the facts from the chapters in the book, you do well on the test.

Not so with CARS. It’s deceptively simple. There is nothing to memorize, no facts on the test.  It’s just you and the passage and the questions and the answers.

You can and should do well on CARS. Medical schools expect excellence in reasoning and verbal skills as well as science.

Helping you execute on this section is my specialty.  Work with me and make CARS your strength on test day. Expert help in an hour a day.

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